Orgasmic pleasure trances

When describing sex and sexual pleasure, people talk of being entirely consumed by pleasure and the sensations it brings, that everything in the background disappears for a while, you can forget where you are, you are just in that very moment. As if you are in a trance.

Well, you actually are in a trance, and there is research to prove it. In a 2016 neuroscience study regarding what orgasms actually are[1], the researcher Adam Safron, found that “sex is a source of pleasurable sensations and emotional connection, but beyond that, it’s actually an altered state of consciousness”. The study reported that rhythmic stimulation to the brain can enhance neural oscillations at corresponding frequencies, a bit like rhythmically swinging back and forth on a swing. This process is called neural entrainment. It means if sexual stimulation is intense enough and goes on long enough, synchronised activity could spread throughout the brain. Your mind body connection is powerful. The study also found that: “This synchrony may produce such intensely focused attention that sexual activity outcompetes usual self-awareness for access to consciousness, so producing a state of sensory absorption and trance. This may be crucial for allowing for a sufficient intensity of experience to trigger the mechanisms of climax”.

So, let yourself trance out – it doesn’t mean that you are not paying attention, more that you are becoming enchanted by the process and are absorbed by it. One of the techniques I use with my clients to help then find neural entrainment is through a hypnotic technique called The Ember Within. I take them through a process that focuses them internally, imagining a sensual orange ember within them that begins to glow ever brighter and becomes more intense. It’s quite a journey my clients experience, filled with euphoria, bliss and high levels of arousal all created within them, fully clothed and not being touched by anyone.

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[1] Safron, A., 2016. What is orgasm? A model of sexual trance and climax via rhythmic entrainment. Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology, 6(1), p.31763.