From the book: Woman

 Imagine your lifeforce this way. Your lifeforce is a beautiful, gigantic hot air balloon. The balloon's envelope is vibrant with colour; perhaps it shimmers, has sparkles or has gorgeous and intricate patterns. You can change, modify and alter your balloon to your heart’s desire. You can continue to alter it as you grow, as you evolve, as your tastes change or even according to how you feel on any given day. It could be an unusual shape - it truly doesn’t matter, this is your lifeforce hot air balloon, and you get to choose exactly how it should be. 

  Now imagine your hot air balloon needs to be inflated, so it expands outwards and upwards, loaded with your life force energy, enabling your hot air balloon to fly. It is crammed with the way you experience life, your sensuality, the connection you have to yourself and others, your playfulness, desires, boundaries, body acceptance, goals, and dreams. 

Your balloon, filled with a wholehearted, intoxicating and glorious mix of you, is ready to take off, to be carried away by the breeze, propelled by jet streams where you can enjoy the rapidly renewing view, embrace experiences and travel to beautiful places. Your balloon is so expanded with your lifeforce energy, you can hear the ropes that tether the balloon to the ground almost creaking under the strain, as the balloon tries to take flight and soar upwards. But the balloon stays on the ground, you look over the side of the basket and you see not only tethers, but big heavy weights. Weights that keep you from taking off and flying upwards. Perhaps the weights are yelling at you, “We are keeping you grounded!” or “Flying is dangerous!” or “What will people think?” or “Who do you think you are? You can’t fly!”

But something inside you tells you the weights are wrong, you can stop listening to them and you need to cut them loose, it’s your time to fly now…

In your basket you see a big, shiny, sharp axe. You pick it up and set to work. One by one, full of intention and with deliberate movement, you cut and sever the tethers that tie your balloon to the restricting weights. Some are easier to cut than others, some are attached with thicker tethers than the rest. Some snap and release their grip as others fall.  Shame, guilt, fear, judgement, bad body image, unworthiness, negative self-talk. One after the other.....cutting the ties and letting them go, as each one is released the balloon lifts a little higher. You carry on severing ties. Conflict, trauma, inhibitions, anxiety, misinformation, work hard and with focus and purpose until eventually enough of them are released, and you’re taking off, rising upwards, you are flying.[WU1]  It’s utterly exhilarating, exciting and freeing, your body brimming with your own life force, keeping the balloon flying high and free. You still have your shiny axe in your basket, ready to be used with a swift and deliberate swing to repel anything trying to hold you back.

To supercharge your lifeforce, you must not only actively seek out the positive forces, you must also free yourself of everything that holds you back. If you think about this in terms of your lifeforce balloon, you could fill your balloon so much it lifts of the ground and you think you are finally on the move and getting somewhere. But to soar to new dizzying and exciting heights, you must let go of the things that drag you down. The same is true for your sexual pleasure.

To maintain a vibrant lifeforce, you must take care of your physical body and your mental health.


ü  Be well nourished – lifeforce requires energy.

ü  Rest - sleep is needed for vitality.

ü  Exercise- embracing life requires movement.

ü  Deal with issues - if you avoid one thing you avoid everything.

ü  You need to know your boundaries - what is OK for you and what is not.

ü  How to say yes and how to say no, both with equal enthusiasm.

ü  Actively give consent and understand consent when it’s given to you.

ü  Not worry about what other people think.

ü  Accept who you are and what that means to you.

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