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My decades of experience are brightly coloured by three things. First, my own personal experiences. Like you, I have been on my own journey of finding, understanding and embracing my own sexual pleasure. Second, I have coached thousands of Women to find and embrace their sexual pleasure and know what works. And thirdly, I focus on research and real people. I am interested in research on sex and Women’s sexual pleasure, I blend that research with my extensive clinical experience to provide practical solutions to a wide range of sexual issues. I share my methods passionately and from my heart, they are methods that thousands of Women and their partners have implemented to find magical and pleasure filled results. 

In my book I tell you things you were never taught about your body and your sexual pleasure.  

How your mind is the most important and profound sexual organ you have
How your body and mind can work together to give you the most wondrous sexual, erotic and sensual experiences. 

Some of it will surprise you, some of it will seem so obvious when pointed out, some of it you might already know. Together we will go on a journey of discovery, both inwardly and outwardly, and show you how you can find and own your sexual pleasure. I will show you how to let go of any shame you may hold, consciously or unconsciously. How to see yourself as the glorious sensual being that you are. I will show you how to connect with your sexual pleasure, to be present in your body and out of your head, so you can experience sexual pleasure alone or with a partner on your terms. 

At the end of our journey, you will have the tools you need to own your own sexual pleasure and have the knowledge you need to know that sexual pleasure is simply part of being a woman.

This is more than a book. This is a journey to discover your authentic sexual self.

Kaz Riley is a world-leading Sexual Freedom educator and a compassionate guide on your voyage of sensual self-discovery. 

Kaz Riley BSc. PDCHyp. DHyp. BSCH

 As the creator and founder of sexual freedom hypnosis®, Kaz has trained practitioners worldwide and is a regular speaker at hypnosis and sexual health conventions across the globe. She has also given numerous guest lectures at several U.K. medical, nursing and midwifery schools.  Kaz has a popular sex-positive and hypnosis themed YouTube channel, “Trancing in the sheets”. Kaz passionately believes that everyone should have the ability to choose to have a positive and fulfilling sex life. To be able to easily experience their sexual pleasure and do that in the absence of sexual dysfunction, guilt or shame.

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The Sex Education you should have had!

Within this ground-breaking book, you’ll find your courage to leave fears behind, communicate your wants and desires and set your own boundaries. You CAN unlock your sexuality and reclaim your right as a woman to enjoy sensual pleasures without fear of being judged or labelled.

If you want to experience every part of your sexuality without shame, this book is for you. You’ll discover the power to free yourself from society’s antiquated and conflicting

expectations of being a woman. Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover:

  • How sex education programs in schools continue to fail young women
  • Your most important erogenous zone (hint: it isn’t what you think)
  • Reject shame and give yourself the power to R.E.C.L.A.I.M. your sexuality
  • Breaking down myths about the big “O” once and for all
  • Eliminate excessive dryness with the G.L.I.D.E. technique
  • Why sex can and should be J.U.I.C.Y.
  • How to give yourself permission for pleasure
  • Awakening the G.O.D.D.E.S.S. inside of you
  • And much more…

After reading this book, you’ll be able to embrace your sexual pleasure.

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More than a book. This is your guide to your sexual freedom.

Kaz Riley is a world leading sexual freedom educators and your compassionate guide to self-discovery.

Sexual Happiness with Kaz Riley

 Kaz will help you overcome, sexual dysfunction, low libido, heal after relationship issues, improve sexual confidence and communication. She works across the full spectrum of gender identities, sexual identities, sexual preferences and tastes. Providing a safe and judgement free space, so issues can be discussed openly and frankly in the absence of guilt and shame.

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