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All women are built for sexual pleasure. Every one of us. If you are a woman, you are built for sexual pleasure; your body, mind and natural instincts prime you for delicious, glorious sensual and sexual pleasure.  - From the book "Woman: How to find, understand and embrace your sexual pleasure," by Kaz Riley.

About Author, SEX EDUCATOR, and Award-Winning Therapist

Kaz Riley

Kaz Riley is an award-winning and leading international clinical hypnotist, sex educator and hypnotherapy trainer. Her work with clients to overcome sexual difficulties has earned her an international reputation for excellence and innovation in the field of sexual freedom therapy.

Kaz was the first U.K. hypnotherapist to be a coalition partner of the National Coalition for sexual freedom in the USA.  Kaz’s expertise is called upon by international women’s and health magazines, podcasts, online health articles, radio, and T.V.

As the creator and founder of sexual freedom hypnosis®, Kaz has trained over 150 practitioner’s worldwide and is a regular speaker at hypnosis and sexual health conventions across the globe. She has given numerous guest lectures at several U.K. medical, nursing and midwifery schools.  Kaz has a popular sex-positive and hypnosis themed YouTube channel, “Trancing in the sheets”. Kaz passionately believes that everyone should have the ability to choose to have a positive and fulfilling sex life. To be able to easily experience their sexual pleasure and to do that in the absence of dysfunction, guilt or shame.

Self-help books and unique resources for clients based on 20 years of experience and the latest research.

Online classes and seminars teaching the experience of pleasure and sexual freedom for women.

In-person seminars and workshops in the United Kingdom, Europe and North America.

Sexual Freedom Hypnosis®sessions and Coaching world-wide on Zoom and at my U.K. office.

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