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I provide individual and couples sexual freedom hypnosis sessions® and coaching at my UK office. I also work with people online and worldwide. We can meet together, and you can set yourself free. Free from worry, free from shame, and free from the limiting beliefs others have imposed on you. 

Hypnotherapy and Coaching

Discover how one-on-one coaching and hypnotherapy can help you live a sensual life. You were made to enjoy pleasure, and no matter what your previous experiences have been, how old you are, or what your relationship status is, I can help you finally discover sexual freedom.

I work with single, partnered and polyamorous people. I am vanilla, LGBTQ+ and kink friendly. My goal is to help be the best you possible.

Woman Live Workshop

The KeyNote speaker at HypnoThoughts X in Las Vegas, and  classes in the U.K., Europe, and other parts of North America. Online training and classes for other professionals, and workshops for everyone.

Additionally, I offer online classes and support groups. See the full schedule below.

My classes are often full. Please register early to ensure that you have a seat.  The next event is Hypnothoughts in Las Vegas.

Sexual Dysfunction. Gone!

 “I never understood the fuss about sex, but at the age of 45 I now understand, I can’t believe I waited this long to do something about it. A lifetime of sexual dysfunction and frustration gone in 6 sessions, I had no idea how much shame I carried”  


Chicago, USA


    “This process has been life changing for me and my husband, we have a lot of catching up to do”  


New York, USA

More Confidence

“I was like I woke up one day and my libido had run away in the night, it was completely gone. Kaz helped me find it and I have so much more confidence in many areas of my life. I didn’t just get my libido back, I found my lifeforce as Kaz calls it”  


Belfast, Northern Ireland

Feeling Free

  “It was all about mindset, Kaz helped me change my mindset and I felt everything change. I’ve gone from feeling ashamed and locked down to feeling free, I feel like a woman for the first time”  


UK Client

Let Me Guide You to Unlimited Pleasure

All women are built for sexual pleasure. Every one of us. If you are a woman, you are built for sexual pleasure; your body, mind and natural instincts prime you for delicious, glorious sensual and sexual pleasure.  - From the book "Woman: How to find, understand and embrace your sexual pleasure," by Kaz Riley.

Buy the book and embrace your sexual pleasure.


It's time for things to change!

Kaz Riley one of the world's most foremost sexual freedom educators and an awarding winning therapist.

She has an international reputation for excellence with her work with clients and her specialist training and mentoring programmes for hypnotherapists, Kaz was awarded the title Hypnotist of the year 2019. 

 Sexual pleasure and sexuality is not about the physical act of having sex.  It's about daring to look inward and discovering your ever- shimmering, erotic and sensual energy. It’s about letting it pulse through you and your daily life, becoming an integral part of who you are and part of everything you do, so that you become enchanted by the possibility of simply being yourself, a woman.

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Got Shame? 

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