Are You Locked Down Sexually?

Woman: How to find, understand and embrace your sexual pleasure

"Kaz has a gift for gently exposing the oppressive lie that women should be ashamed or embarrassed of their sexuality. Then guiding the reader through the exact, enjoyable process of reclaiming and unveiling her innate sensuality in a way that enriches every area of life. Thank you Kaz for bringing this much needed message to the world."

- Lori Hammond, Silence the Impostor Monster

Essential Reading

If you are a woman or love women I would consider this book essential reading. Kaz has created a comprehensive and accurate guide which flies in the face of centuries of harmful, damaging and inaccurate narratives about the mysteries of female sexuality.  The truth is that our capacity is far greater and more magnificent than most of us have ever dared to dream, and this book, through Kaz’s genius, manages to lay it out in an organized easy to understand way that would be helpful to anyone.  Do yourself or the women in your life a favour and read it.  Your life will never be the same.  I expect Kaz to enter the category of Great Women who have changed the sexual landscape for women, clearing and paving and guiding the path to sexual freedom. 

Freja Njorden, The Sensualist

Information you'll need to know

Kaz's book guides you step by step into recovering your natural ease and acceptance - appreciation even - of your sexuality as a woman. She walks you through ideas, permission to experience joy and desire, information you'll need to know, and actual exercises to get you started. A great resource for women wanting an overview and solid starting place. Thank you for writing this, Kaz!

Dr. Betty Martin- developer of the Wheel of Consent

 The "instruction manual" that should come with the female body

Kaz offers a brilliant and thorough discussion of female sexuality -- what it is, and why we don't know what we don't know. Woman is a well-researched and medically accurate explanation of why, and how, women struggle with sensuality and pleasure.  This book empowers women to honor their bodies and own their pleasure. Kaz's exercises will take the reader on a scenic journey from "how did we get here," to "what do I actually feel and believe about my sexuality," to "how I can get the sexual relationship with myself I want." The reader will enjoy the trip!

 Woman teaches the reader to connect to her body and her erotic self, fully and without guilt or shame. It is essentially the "instruction manual" that should come with the female body to show how to access the intense pleasure the mind-body is designed to give her. I can't wait to recommend Woman to my sex therapy clients... and, when she reaches adolescence, I will gift it to my daughter! It's that good!


MeLanie Modjoros, MD, AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor

Educational, inspirational, challenging, practical and fun

This is undoubtedly a book that will be talked about for years to come. This will change minds, change relationships and change lives. Educational, inspirational, challenging, practical and fun – Kaz Riley somehow gets the balance exactly right. My frequent response when reading and re-reading this book was, Why has no one written this before? As a fellow therapist and author, I do not say this lightly, but I have no doubt that we have an instant classic on our hands. I will certainly be buying copies for my clients, friends, family and partners. This book truly is a gift to be treasured. 


Graham Old-  Solution-focused therapist, certified hypnotist and author 

Free Embrace Techniques from the Book!

Embrace techniques are the practical aspect of the book Woman, these are strategies you can use today!  Discover some of the insights, benefits and pleasure readers of “Woman” are finding!

Become Enchanted with Yourself

Included in the ground-breaking book Woman:

 • You are capable of experiencing sexual bliss!

• Your sexual energy is a vital part of your happiness and health!

• Your sexual pleasure is multi-layered - mind, body and environment.

• Sexual pleasure is not all about orgasm!

• Your sexual pleasure is unique and individual.

• You are never too old to find your sexual pleasure.

• Your sexual pleasure is your responsibility.

• Eroticism is a key part of your sexual pleasure.

• You are a deeply sensual being.

• Giving yourself permission to receive and experience pleasure is not selfish.

Your Sexual Pleasure Starts in Your Mind

Are you chasing orgasms or are you inviting them?

Women often try really hard to orgasm, so much so that they are thinking or worrying about it as soon as they start to become intimate sexually with someone, or even before. Everything becomes focused on this one orgasmic event, they are never luxuriating in their sexual arousal and letting it build. They are monitoring and judging their bodies, questioning if they are ready for the next stage, focusing on making the sensations stronger, wondering “will I cum this time?” They become anxious, their minds filling with questions and doubts, willing themselves towards climax. They have become orgasm chasers, in hot pursuit of the earth-shattering big O. 

They are no longer on a sensuous and enchanting journey, taking in the magnificent landscapes along the way, stopping off here and there, taking time to be immersed in wonder of the place they are in right now, not thinking about how long the journey takes, perhaps not even wanting it to end because it’s so beautiful. They have become the anxious commuter on a delayed train and running late for a meeting, wondering if they should walk, take the bus or jump in a taxi to the office to make up the lost time, fearing whatever they do they may miss their scheduled meeting.

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